How to Address the Challenge of Cooling for High Computing Power? Intel and Gospower Collaborate on Advanced Cooling Technologies
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    Gospower and Intel Signed a Cooperation Agreement  (Left: Gospower Chairman Ruan, Right: Intel Liquid Cooling Chief Engineer Carrie)

    Responding to AI server advancements, on March 14, 2024, Gospower and Intel jointly established a laboratory to accelerate high-energy-density server deployment. This collaboration deepens their partnership in AI, focusing on immersion liquid cooling for more efficient and sustainable solutions.

    As an Intel ecosystem partner, Gospower specializes in high-performance, reliable server power supplies. Together, they'll research materials' compatibility, system adaptability, and long-term reliability to bring advanced cooling to AI servers.


     Media Interviews (Left: Intel Liquid Cooling Chief Engineer Carrie, Right: Gospower Regional General Manager Simon Wang)

    "We're addressing high computing power's rise in AI, driving higher power needs. Our collaboration with Gospower explores how to integrate new technologies effectively within liquid cooling systems," said Carrie, Intel's liquid cooling chief engineer. The joint lab will focus on immersion cooling, which uses a special coolant to extract heat from chips, enhancing cooling efficiency directly.

    Simon Wang, Gospower's regional general manager, emphasized, "We're not isolated. Globally, we'll release our liquid cooling research in a white paper, providing industry standards and accelerating sustainable development. Together, we aim to create eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for carbon reduction."


    Advanced Liquid Cooling Joint Laboratory - Immersion Testing Equipment

    The joint lab aims to strengthen the AI server industry's healthy growth through upstream and downstream collaboration, technological innovation, and chain integration. Both parties aim to develop advanced cooling solutions to meet AI servers' performance, reliability, and energy efficiency demands.Gospower's Chairman Ruan Shiliang stated that this collaboration enhances Intel and Gospower's leadership in AI servers, driving technological advancements and application innovations in industry. They remain committed to providing superior, efficient, and sustainable products and services, furthering the global AI industry's rapid growth.