Gospower Invited to Intel Open IP Advanced Cooling Community Conference, Shares Immersion Liquid Cooling Power Supply Solutions
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    Recently, the Intel Open IP Advanced Cooling Community Conference was successfully held in Taipei on April 9. Gospower, as the only invited power supply company, shared its immersion liquid cooling power supply solutions at the seminar. The seminar brought together numerous professional manufacturers to explore the application and development of immersion liquid cooling technology in the context of the rapid growth of AI computing power. 

    At the conference, Gospower provided a detailed introduction to its immersion liquid cooling power supply solution. This solution adopts the efficient liquid cooling heat dissipation technology that effectively reduces energy consumption and cooling costs in data centers, while improving reliability and stability. Additionally, Gospower showcased its technical strengths and innovation capabilities in the field of immersion liquid cooling power supplies, and earned high praise and recognition from attendees. 

    Furthermore, Intel is continuously developing advanced liquid cooling technology and requires partners to participate in the joint lab for collaborative research. Currently, Intel's joint lab for advanced liquid cooling technology has only four partners, and Gospower is honored to be one of them. Gospower will continue to develop more reliable and energy-dense power supply products for emerging technologies. 

    After the conference, Gospower reached a consensus with other participating companies to strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the development and application of immersion liquid cooling technology. The successful hosting of this seminar has expanded Gospower's influence in the immersion liquid cooling power supply field and laid a solid foundation for its future development.